Alternative Medicine, Quackery & War on Modern Medicine

Previously we have discussed in detail the role of various health disciplines of disease management  and their permissibility in Islam in a general sense.  We said: The various different disciplines of disease management in a Islamic legislative perspective are from the worldly means (al-wasaailul-kawniyyah) to achieve, with Allah’s permission, treatment of ill-health despite these disciplines having differences of opinion with one another. This difference of opinion is permitted and one could argue inevitable as their methods of approach are different. From…

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Companion criticising Quackery and another being cautious of it.

Imaam Malik rahimullah narrates in his Muwatta in Book 37, Hadith 1464 Abu'd-Darda wrote to Salman al-Farsi, "Come immediately to the holy land." Salman wrote back to him, "Land does not make anyone holy. Man's deeds make him holy. I have heard that you were put up as a doctor to treat and cure people. If you are innocent, then may you have delight! If you are a quack, then beware lest you kill a man and enter the Fire!" When…


Utilising the Most Skilled …. or Is Everyone To Investigate.

With the widespread existence of information the problem that faces us today is being able to have the ability to distinguish between that which is correct information from that which is not and when one is not able to do so, then knowing to whom to refer back to, in order to achieve this. General information is not the same as applied knowledge and skills as the latter two are more specific and tailored to individuals and communities and will likewise…


Fluoride Toxicity, Cancer & Zamzam Water

Many people worry about developing cancer and unfortunately there are many scavengers who will prey on these concerns such that they claim almost everything around us causes cancer of some other toxicity. Some of them go to great extents as if they want society to live in caves in the wilderness! Claims of cancer causing properties without convincing evidence is scare-mongering or alarmist. Usually the goal is to try to convince consumers to buy into some sort of alternative or to purchase…


The Virtues of Muslim Doctors

The following is taken from a partial abridged translation of a book entitled "Mannerisms of the Muslim Doctor - Akhlaaq At-Tabeeb Al-Muslim" by Shaikh Muhammad Baazmool (may Allaah preserve him) The Muslim Doctor and the Goal behind Medicine The (practice) of Medicine is from the noblest occupations because its subject matter is about the life of the human being. Its aim and purpose is to preserve the health of the human being, strengthen his/her physical well-being and distance him/her from illness.…


Islam & Medical Contention Regarding Public Safety

Harms of Highly Opinionated Individuals in Society Unfortunately many do not restrain themselves when it comes to their opinions which is based upon incomplete knowledge thus they openly speak about all sorts of sciences and walks of life. So they will give opinions upon opinions even though they are not qualified and they are even encouraged to hold opinions in modern society. They feel being opinionated reflects ones standing in society and an understanding of the so-called 'fiqh fil waaqi (understanding…



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