Aluminium, Vaccines, Nanoparticles, Polysorbate and Toxicity

With the current COVID19 coronavirus pandemic that has engulfed almost the entire globe, the public health crisis has aroused concern and care for vaccines at a level never previously seen. Along with that, there has appeared the Covid-deniers who mostly coincide with the usual anti-vaccination personalities, spreading  concepts that are entirely entertainment for science-fiction movies with their typical dogma of re-packaged doubts that they portray as scientific. Moreso there has appeared conspiracy theories from these same sorts of people, many of…


Alternative Medicine, Quackery & War on Modern Medicine

Previously we have discussed in detail the role of various health disciplines of disease management  and their permissibility in Islam in a general sense.  We said: The various different disciplines of disease management in a Islamic legislative perspective are from the worldly means (al-wasaailul-kawniyyah) to achieve, with Allah’s permission, treatment of ill-health despite these disciplines having differences of opinion with one another. This difference of opinion is permitted and one could argue inevitable as their methods of approach are different. From…

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Vitamin & Anti-Oxidant Supplements – Death, Cancer & Heart Disease

Several observational studies have shown eating more fruit and vegetables helps to reduce several chronic illnesses including heart disease and cancer. As such it has been thought this may be due to the multi-vitamins and oxidants present within those fruit and vegetables that may cause this effect. Further observational studies have looked at supplements with promising links however this may well be due to other factors such as those who take supplements may make other health and lifestyle choices. Hence randomized…


What is a Quack & How do we spot them?

A quack is a fraud or pretender of medical skill. They are essentially con-artists or charlatans who are often eloquent in speech, running public relations campaigns and attempt to convince people to accept them as experts within the medical field that they enter. This is  usually done with the intent to convince sales of items of some sort, often supplements. The process for a quack to convince people of their fraud as being a real cure is called quackery and is manifested…


Fluoride Toxicity, Cancer & Zamzam Water

Many people worry about developing cancer and unfortunately there are many scavengers who will prey on these concerns such that they claim almost everything around us causes cancer of some other toxicity. Some of them go to great extents as if they want society to live in caves in the wilderness! Claims of cancer causing properties without convincing evidence is scare-mongering or alarmist. Usually the goal is to try to convince consumers to buy into some sort of alternative or to purchase…


Willow & Aspirin – A response to the critics of modern medicine

Aspirin is a synthetic compound that was made from salicylic acid which in turn was extracted from willow. Willow has been used for milleniums  but was restricted by its irritant properties giving side effect. Eventually salicylic acid was found to be the active compound. The addition of acetyl group to salicylic acid occurred just before the 1900's forming acetyl salicylic acid and was patented by the drug company Bayer under the name of Aspirin. This patent lasts 20 years and then…



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