Islam & Medicine P1 – Prophetic Medicine

Excellence of Prophetic Medicine over worldly health disciplines

Prophetic Medicine is from the revelation and to it we, as Muslims, submit and recognise that it is from the best form of all health disciplines transmitted from our Lord, Allah, the Most High, via the truthful one whose truthfulness is attested, the  Prophet Muhammed bin Abdullah (upon him be peace). Its excellence is for two main reasons, firstly as it is conveyed by the Prophet from Allah, the Most Knowledgeable, Most Wise, the One who cures and the One who is Sufficient. Secondly the worldly cures can only be known through experience and observation and this can vary between practitioners, patients, places and even periods in time. Where as attributing a cure to the Prophet (upon him be peace) only requires a text with an authentic chain of narration as verified by its scholars.

Implementing Prophetic Medicine upon oneself

Prophetic Medicine should be implemented with the understanding of the scholars and those traditional doctors that have experience and expertise in it. The scholarly books often provide general principle of its usages while the traditional doctor who have expertise in it apply it upon individual patients taking into account a variety of factors in to consideration; such as substance used, its dosaging, duration of usage, the climate it is used in and other interacting substances, etc.

Otherwise if applied incorrectly it too can lead to adverse effects & harm, e.g. excessive dosages of black seed can cause liver damage. One needs expertise and awareness of dosages between that which is inadequate such that the medicine doesn’t take effect from that which is excessive such that harm is caused. Hence it requires referral back to those traditional doctors who are acquainted with it and have much experience in using it and are well known for that. These traditional doctors from their experience will also be able to advise about interactions of using several medicines from the Prophetic Medicine such that one may inhibit the effect of the other or its opposite, multiplying the strength of one or both medicines. In doing so, one will avoid inadequate treatment of disease and likewise the over-usage leading to harm.

Treating Others with Prophetic Medicine

If one wishes to give tailored advice from the Prophetic Medicine it is upon such an individual to learn the practicalities of this through these traditional doctors that are acquainted and proficient in it. This is the correct door to this knowledge and skill. The error that is widespread today among many muslims that seek goodness is that they pick up a book such as Imam Ibnul Qayim al-Jawziyah’s Tibb al-Nabawiy, then study it alone, without recourse to scholars then consider themselves able to advise in accordance to that. This self taught method is not the correct means to applying this knowledge of Prophetic Medicine rather it requires one to learn the skill and experience directly from those recognised and established as traditional doctors. This skill is not present in the books but is present in its proficient practitioners. Even while one is learning one must restrain from practicing independently until one is fully competent in his skills and a student will not know this until his teacher(s) attest to his competency and proficiency.

Rather this self taught method will lead to harm upon the health of individuals opposing the original intent of the Prophetic Medicine.  An issue that is blameworthy.

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