Juicing, Body Weight & Dietary Sugars.

Following the established association between higher intake of fruit and vegetables and better health, then many have taken this concept a step further by advocating juicing fruits such that we observe a rise in cafes with large fresh juice bars and expensive juicers being sold commercially to promote this latter concept. Here we will discuss why the reality is opposite to this concept that has been driven by the food & commercial industries and why the juicing process is in fact…


Olive Oil, Dietary Fats & Cholesterol; Heart Disease

Coronary heart disease (CHD) is the leading cause of death both in the UK and worldwide being responsible for more than 73,000 deaths in the UK each year. About 1 in 6 men and 1 in 10 women die from CHD. It can manifest its self as angina pains or as heart attacks occurring when the heart's own blood supply (called coronary arteries) is inadequate being clogged up by disease process called atherosclerosis. It is known the clogs (called atheroma plaques) are made up of fat and…


Superfood hype – Really just a marketing tactic

The food industry try to promote certain produces above the rest hence coined the phrase “superfoods” to attempt to convince everyday people to purchase such produces. There is no agreed definition for such “superfoods” among nutritional scientists or dietician, hence the food industry can really add what ever it likes to this marketing category. However generally speaking such foods that we have witnessed this label tend to be high in nutrients with antioxidant properties and omega-3 fatty acids with claims that…



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