Coffee Drinking, Coffee Enemas, Cancer Prevention & Survival

Here we examine the evidence of coffee drinking and its effect on causing or preventing cancer, likewise its effect upon cancer deaths as well as cardiovascular disease deaths (which includes heart disease, strokes etc) and deaths form all-causes. Further we will look at the few studies that deal with coffee enemas and its effects compared to coffee drinking. Finally we will look at treatments that include coffee enemas for cancer treatment and compare them to conventional mainstream treatment. Coffee enemas have…


Alternative Medicine, Quackery & War on Modern Medicine

Previously we have discussed in detail the role of various health disciplines of disease management  and their permissibility in Islam in a general sense.  We said: The various different disciplines of disease management in a Islamic legislative perspective are from the worldly means (al-wasaailul-kawniyyah) to achieve, with Allah’s permission, treatment of ill-health despite these disciplines having differences of opinion with one another. This difference of opinion is permitted and one could argue inevitable as their methods of approach are different. From…

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Gerson Therapy; Its Details, Efficacy & Harms in Cancer

Gerson Protocol This involves a very specific diet with nutritional supplements and enemas (treatment placed in the anal passage). It claims to rid the body of toxins and strengthen the body’s immune system. It was developed in the 1920's & 30's by a German doctor (of internal medicine) called Max Gerson. He claimed his regimen helped cure his own migraine headaches. So he went on to use it to treat other diseases such as tuberculosis and cancer. He did not have…


Understanding Medical Evidence – Origin of most Contention

The relative importance (hierachy) of different types of medical evidence is important to understand medical contention thereby placing each view in its correct place. True Wisdom. Medical experts may differ in best the medical view but their differing in principle is valid as they have the tools to do so. It is the pretend-experts who display quackery hijacking the efforts of pioneering studies and taking them to an unjust level because they don't possess the tools nor expertise put medical evidence in…


Islam & Medicine P5 – Competency of Health Adviser

These various disciplines of medicine are not inherent to any single individual (i.e. they are not born with those skills), rather they require learning of knowledge and skills from someone already competent within that discipline and to learn for a period of time that the one teaching is content that the student has completed all the competencies required for that discipline such that they can practice that form of medicine independently. This is not just generic to medicine but is the…


Islam & Medicine P2 – Health Disciplines

From the intents of all the heavenly religions that were bestowed upon their respective Messengers, the likes of Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus son of Mary and Muhammed (alayhumusalaam), then they were all sent with noble legislative laws that although they differed in a variety of aspects they united upon protecting five necessities that make up the core of their principles. These five necessities are the protection of religion, life/health, honour/lineage, wealth and the intellects. Thus the preservation of life & health…



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